Tallulah Meaning and Origin

The name Tallulah is a girl’s name meaning “leaping water” and is of Native American origin. It is believed to have originated from the Choctaw language, which was spoken by the Choctaw tribe in the southeastern United States. The name Tallulah gained popularity in the early 20th century, particularly in the United States, after the American actress Tallulah Bankhead rose to fame. Bankhead was known for her unconventional behavior and outspoken personality, and her name became synonymous with her unique persona. In recent years, the name Tallulah has seen a resurgence in popularity, particularly in English-speaking countries. It has also been used as a name for several fictional characters in movies, TV shows, and books. Other notable people with the name Tallulah include Tallulah Belle Willis, the daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and Tallulah Haddon, a British actress known for her roles in the TV series “Taboo” and “Kiss Me First”.

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