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Cheyenne Meaning and Origin

Cheyenne is a girl’s name of Native American Sioux origin, meaning “strangely speaking.” It is derived from the name of the Cheyenne tribe, which is one of the indigenous peoples of the Great Plains of North America. The name Cheyenne has several possible meanings: One common interpretation is “people of a different language,” reflecting the fact that the Cheyenne spoke a language that was distinct from those of many of their neighboring tribes. Another possible meaning is “red speakers” or “red talkers,” which may refer to the use of red ochre as a pigment in some of the tribe’s ceremonial practices. In recent years, the name Cheyenne has become popular as a first name for both boys and girls in the United States, though it is still more commonly given to girls. It first gained popularity in the 1980s, likely due in part to the success of the popular TV show “Cheyenne,” which aired from 1955 to 1963.

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