Sephora Meaning and Origin

The name Sephora is a girl’s name meaning “bird, beauty” and is of Greek origin. The meaning of the name Sephora is often interpreted as “bird” or “sparrow” in some contexts. The name Sephora has its roots in Greek mythology. It is derived from the Greek word “sephos,” which means “beauty” or “beautiful.” In the Book of Exodus, Sephora (also spelled Zipporah) is the wife of Moses, the great prophet and leader of the Israelites. She was the daughter of Jethro, a priest of Midian, and became a vital figure in Moses’ life during his exile in the land of Midian. In modern times, Sephora has become more commonly known as a feminine given name. It has gained popularity not only among people of biblical backgrounds but also within broader cultural and linguistic circles. Sephora has been embraced globally, with variations of the name found in different languages, such as “Zipporah” in English and “Sefora” in some Romance languages. Beyond being a personal name, Sephora has gained remarkable recognition in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Sephora is an internationally renowned retailer of beauty products, known for offering an extensive range of makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrances, and beauty accessories. 

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