Abigor Meaning and Origin

Abigor is a boy’s Biblical name, meaning: “unwilling.” The most notable references to the name “Abigor” can be found in demonology and occultism. In demonology, Abigor is often depicted as a powerful demon and one of the Great Dukes of Hell. According to grimoires such as “The Lesser Key of Solomon,” Abigor is said to govern sixty legions of demons. He is described as a knight mounted on a horse and bearing a lance, standard, or scepter. In occult circles, the name Abigor has been associated with various interpretations and symbolisms. Some occultists consider Abigor as a symbol of strength, courage, and ambition. He is seen as a representation of the warrior archetype and is invoked for assistance in matters related to personal empowerment, assertiveness, and overcoming obstacles.

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