Ash Meaning and Origin

Ash is a boy’s name from an English surname meaning: “belonging to Ashton.” As an English name, “Ash” is derived from the Old English word “æsc,” which means “ash tree.” The ash tree is known for its strong and resilient wood, and in ancient times, it was associated with protection and stability. In some Indian cultures, “Ash” is a shortened form of names like Ashwin or Ashok. “Ash” can also be a variant of the Hebrew name “Asher,” which means “blessed” or “fortunate.” As a standalone name, it has been more commonly used as a nickname or a short form of longer names, especially in English-speaking countries. Often, Ash is used as a nickname for Ashton or Asher, but for a boy’s name, we think it’s sort of cool all on its own. 

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