Bride Meaning and Origin

The girl’s name Bride is an Irish name meaning: “strength.” Pronounced BREE-da. Bride is a name that is primarily used for females and has its roots in Irish and Scottish Gaelic culture. The name is derived from the Old Irish word “bríde” meaning “exalted one” or “powerful one.” It is also associated with St. Brigid of Kildare, a patron saint of Ireland. In Irish mythology, Brigid was a goddess associated with healing, poetry, and metalworking. As Christianity spread in Ireland, the name Brigid became associated with St. Brigid of Kildare, who founded a monastery and was known for her charitable works and healing abilities. The name Bride has several variations, including Bridget, Brigid, Brigitte, and Bridie. It has been a popular name in Ireland and Scotland for centuries and is still used today. Some famous people with the name Bride include Bride Kennedy-Hyde, an Irish actress.

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