Calluna Meaning and Origin

The name Calluna is a girl’s name meaning “flower” and is of English, Scottish from Greek origin. It is derived from the Latin word “callūna,” which refers to the heather plant. The name is often associated with the pink or purple flowering plant that thrives in rocky and acidic soils, commonly found in Scotland and other parts of the British Isles. The heather plant symbolizes beauty, solitude, and resilience, which may lend additional depth and significance to the name Calluna. he name Calluna has its roots in ancient Latin, but it gained popularity as a given name in Scotland and other Celtic regions, where the heather plant has long been cherished and admired for its delicate yet hardy nature. The name likely emerged as a modern given name due to the appeal of nature-inspired names and the desire to connect with Scottish and Celtic heritage. Calluna is not a widely popular name. It remains relatively rare and mhas not ranked in the top baby name lists of various countries. Calluna is a charming and evocative name with a strong tie to nature. It carries a sense of beauty and uniqueness, reminiscent of the delicate yet resilient heather plant. 

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