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Chandler Meaning and Origin

Chandler is a unisex name of French origin, meaning: “candlemaker.” It is derived from the Middle English word “chaundeler,” which means “candle-maker” or “candle-seller.” In medieval times, a chandler was an essential occupation as candles were a primary source of light before the widespread use of electricity. As a result, the name Chandler was often given to those who worked in this trade. The name Chandler gained popularity as a given name in the United States during the 20th century. It first appeared on record in the late 19th century but remained relatively uncommon until the 1970s when it began to rise in usage. The name reached its peak popularity in the 1990s, likely influenced by the character “Chandler Bing” from the popular television sitcom “Friends,” portrayed by actor Matthew Perry. Since then, its popularity has slightly declined but has remained a recognizable and well-liked name. Chandler is a strong and distinctive name with historical significance due to its association with the candle-making trade. It carries a sense of craftsmanship and industry, evoking images of artisans creating light sources in a bygone era. Famous People Named Chandler: Chandler Parsons: A professional basketball player who played in the NBA for various teams, including the Houston Rockets and the Dallas Mavericks. Chandler Riggs: An American actor famous for his portrayal of Carl Grimes in the TV series “The Walking Dead.”

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