Drexel Meaning and Origin

Drexel is a boy’s name of German origin, meaning: “turner.” It is a surname turned given name and is believed to have Norman or Germanic roots. The surname Drexel is associated with the Drexel family, an influential American family known for their success in finance and philanthropy. The family’s prominent figure, Anthony Joseph Drexel, founded the prestigious Drexel University in Philadelphia in 1891. As a given name, Drexel likely gained popularity due to the association with the well-known family and its esteemed university. The popularity of the name Drexel as a given name has not been extensively recorded, and it may be relatively rare. Drexel is a sophisticated and distinctive name with a touch of aristocracy. Famous People Named Drexel: Anthony Joseph Drexel (1826–1893): Founder of Drexel University and an influential financier during the Gilded Age.

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