Aitan Meaning and Origin

The name Aitan is a boy’s name meaning “strong” and is of Hebrew origin. The name “Aitan” is a variant of the more popular name “Eitan” or “Etan” which is of Hebrew origin. In Hebrew, “Eitan” is derived from the word “ayitan” which means “strong” or “firm.” As such, the name “Aitan” is often interpreted to mean “strong” or “enduring.” In some cultures, the name is also associated with wisdom, perseverance, and stability. The name Aitan is not as widely used as its variant Eitan or other more common names. It is more often found in Jewish communities or among individuals with ties to Hebrew or Israeli heritage. Aitan is a name with Hebrew origins, symbolizing strength, endurance, and wisdom. It is a relatively unique name that is likely to be appreciated for its meaningful qualities. 

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