Eluned Meaning and Origin

The name Eluned is of Welsh origin and is derived from the Old Welsh elements “eulo,” meaning “image” or “idol,” and “ned,” meaning “to flee” or “to escape.” Combined, the name Eluned can be interpreted as “one who has an image” or “one who escapes to an image.” Eluned has its roots in ancient Welsh history and mythology. It first appeared in the medieval tale “Culhwch and Olwen,” where Eluned was portrayed as a beautiful maiden and one of King Arthur’s courtiers. The name gained popularity in Wales and is still appreciated by those who admire the rich heritage of Welsh names. The name Eluned is not as widely used as some other popular names, which adds to its charm for those seeking a unique and distinctive name for their child. Its rarity may vary in different regions, with higher prevalence in Wales and among people of Welsh descent. Eluned is a name that exudes a sense of mystique and elegance. It carries with it a connection to ancient folklore and a tradition of strength and beauty. Famous People Named Eluned: Eluned Gwyn: A celebrated Welsh poet and writer known for her evocative verses that celebrate the beauty of Wales’ landscapes and traditions. Eluned Vaughan: An archaeologist renowned for her groundbreaking research on ancient Celtic artifacts, shedding light on the history and culture of the Welsh people.

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