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Hartford Meaning and Origin

The name Hartford is a unisex name meaning “the place where deer cross” and is of English origin. The surname Hartford is derived from a locational name. It likely originated from the place name Hartford, which can be found in various parts of England, such as Cheshire, Cambridgeshire, and Herefordshire. The name itself combines the Old English words “heorot” meaning “hart” (a male deer) and “ford” referring to a river crossing, indicating a location near a deer crossing or a place where deer are abundant. Hartford is also the capital city of the state of Connecticut in the United States. It is located in Hartford County, on the Connecticut River, and has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1635. While Hartford is not a commonly used given name, it is a recognizable surname of English origin and a place name associated with various locations in England and the United States.

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