Helena Meaning and Origin

The name Helena is a girl’s name meaning shining light and is of Greek origin. It is derived from the Ancient Greek name Ἑλένη (Helene), which means “torch” or “light”. In Greek mythology, Helen of Troy was considered the most beautiful woman in the world, and her elopement with Paris sparked the Trojan War. The name Helena has been used in various forms and spellings in many different cultures and languages throughout history. In English, it is typically pronounced with the stress on the second syllable (he-LE-nuh), while in other languages such as Spanish and Portuguese, it is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable (HE-le-nuh). Famous people with the name Helena include Helena Bonham Carter, a British actress, Helena Rubinstein, a Polish-American cosmetics entrepreneur, and Helena Christensen, a Danish supermodel. The name has also been used in literature, including in Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” where the character Helena is one of the main protagonists.

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