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Iscah Meaning and Origin

The name Iscah is a girl’s name meaning to behold and is of Hebrew origin. The name Iscah has various interpretations. In the Bible, specifically in the Book of Genesis, Iscah is mentioned as a niece of Abraham. The name itself is believed to mean “to behold” or “to gaze upon.” It carries a sense of vision and contemplation, suggesting someone who has a perceptive and thoughtful nature. Iscah’s origin can be traced back to ancient Hebrew, with its appearance in the Old Testament providing a strong historical and cultural foundation. The name’s roots in the Bible lend it a sense of tradition and significance within Jewish and Christian contexts. The name Iscah is relatively rare and less common compared to more popular names. Its historical and biblical associations give it a timeless appeal, but it may not be widely recognized in modern times. Due to its uniqueness, Iscah could stand out as a distinctive choice for parents seeking a name with deep roots and a meaningful message. Iscah is a name that exudes an air of contemplation and insight. Its biblical origins connect it to age-old stories and wisdom, creating a sense of depth and heritage.

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