Karena Meaning and Origin

The name Karena is a girl’s name meaning “pure and is of Scandinavian origin. In English and Irish contexts, “Karena” is considered a variant of the name “Karen,” which has Danish and Greek origins. “Karen” means “pure” or “chaste” in Greek, and it was introduced to English-speaking countries via Danish influence. In Maori culture, “Karena” is a variant of the name “Karina,” which is believed to have several meanings, including “pure,” “dear little one,” or “beloved.” “Karena” is a name that exudes a sense of elegance and femininity. It carries both classic and modern vibes, making it suitable for various generations. The name has a melodic sound that flows gracefully when spoken, making it pleasant to the ears. In English-speaking countries, it might be less common compared to other variants like “Karen” or “Karina.” 

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