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Kavan Meaning and Origin

Kavan is a boy’s name of Persian origin, meaning “Saturn.” The name “Kavan” has multiple origins and interpretations. It is found in various cultures and languages, making it somewhat versatile in terms of its background. Irish: In Irish, “Kavan” is believed to be a variant of the name “Kevin,” which itself is derived from the Irish name “Caoimhín,” meaning “handsome” or “gentle.” Indian: In India, particularly in Sanskrit, “Kavan” can mean “poet” or “wise one.” It can also be a variation of the name “Kavana,” which means “intention” or “desire.” The name “Kavan” often evokes qualities like creativity, intelligence, and a calm demeanor. Its multiple origins give it a sense of cultural diversity, and its various meanings contribute to its appeal. The popularity of the name “Kavan” can vary depending on the region and culture. It might not be as common as some more traditional names, but it has a unique and modern sound that has gained attention in recent years. Famous People: Kavan Smith: He is a Canadian actor known for his roles in various television shows and films.

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