Kenzie Meaning and Origin

The name Kenzie is a girl’s name meaning “fair one” and is of Scottish Gaelic origin. The name “Kenzie” is a unisex name that originated as a short form or diminutive of the Scottish name “Mackenzie.” “Mackenzie” itself is a Gaelic surname derived from the Gaelic elements “mac,” meaning “son of,” and “Coinneach,” meaning “handsome” or “fair.” Therefore, “Kenzie” can be understood to mean “son/daughter of Coinneach” or simply “fair one.” Kenzie is a charming and contemporary name that is well-suited for both boys and girls. Its brevity and modern sound contribute to its popularity in various English-speaking countries. The name has a friendly and approachable quality, making it a popular choice for parents looking for a name that is familiar yet not overly common. It has a versatile quality that can suit a range of personalities and styles. The name Kenzie has gained popularity in recent years, particularly as a given name rather than just a nickname for Mackenzie. Its rise can be attributed to the trend of using shorter and more unique names. The name is often seen as a unisex option, adding to its appeal.

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