Laoise Meaning and Origin

The name Laoise is a girl’s name meaning “radiance” and is of Irish origin. It is derived from the Old Irish word “laoi” which means “poem” or “verse”. In Irish mythology, Laoise was the daughter of the poet and warrior Cúchulainn, and the lover of the warrior Fionn Mac Cumhail. Laoise is typically pronounced as “LEE-sha” or “LAY-sha” in Ireland, although the pronunciation can vary depending on the region. The name is often spelled as “Laois” in the Irish language, which is also the name of a county in Ireland. Laoise has become a popular name in recent years, both in Ireland and among people of Irish descent in other parts of the world. It is often spelled in various ways, including “Laoisa”, “Laoishe”, and “Laoishe”.

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