Marissa Meaning and Origin

The name Marissa is a girl’s name meaning “of the sea” and is of Latin origin. It is a modern variant of the name Maris, which comes from the Latin word “marinus,” meaning “of the sea” or “belonging to the sea.” In Hebrew, Marissa is also believed to be derived from the name Mary, which means “bitter” or “beloved.” Marissa has enjoyed popularity in various English-speaking countries, particularly in the United States. It rose to prominence in the late 20th century and maintained its appeal over the years, making it a well-known and beloved name in modern society. Marissa, a name as mesmerizing as the ocean’s embrace, carries a timeless charm that captivates hearts with its grace and elegance. Rooted in both Latin and Hebrew origins, it bears meanings that reflect the essence of the sea and the profound love of the beloved. Like the tides that ebb and flow, Marissa’s compassion and kindness know no bounds, soothing the souls of those fortunate enough to be touched by her presence.

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