Mavra Meaning and Origin

Mavra is a girl’s name meaning “swarthy, Moorish, dark” and is of Russian and Latin origin. This name comes from Latin “Maurus,” meaning “belonging to the people of the Moors.” It was a word for the people who lived in a region of Africa called “Mauretania,” which extended from Algeria to Morocco and northern Mauritania. The Romans probably gave them the name because of the dark color of the skin. The Latin term derives from the Greek word Amauros, meaning “moor, dark,” or Amaurosis (αμαύρωση) Browning, burnishing (burned or tanned). Mavra is also a one-act Opera Buffa composed by Igor Stravinsky. From Latin Maura. The name Mavra is currently not in the US top 1,000 names.
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Mavra name meaning
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