Ruri Meaning and Origin

Ruri is a girl’s name meaning “lapis lazuli” and is of Japanese origin. It is derived from the a Japanese word which means “lapis lazuli,” a bright blue semiprecious stone often used in jewelry and art. The name embodies a sense of beauty and depth, reflecting the enchanting hue of the gemstone. In Japanese culture, names often carry profound meanings, and “Ruri” is no exception. Ruri is a name that evokes an air of elegance and intrigue. Like the lapis lazuli that inspired it, the name carries a sense of depth and uniqueness. Just as the gemstone holds a timeless beauty, the name Ruri exudes a charm that is both classic and alluring. Its simplicity adds to its allure, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate subtlety and sophistication. The popularity of the name Ruri can vary depending on the time and region. In Japan, where it originated, it might have experienced periods of higher popularity. However, it’s not as widely known or used as some other Japanese names. 

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