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25 Sparkling Off Beat Gemstone Names For Girls

Still, searching for the perfect unique baby name for your new daughter? Why not consider opting for a jewel-inspired name? Gemstone names have always been popular throughout history because there is something special about naming your daughter after something deemed precious and magical throughout cultures. Many parents are already opting to go with the obvious choices like Ruby, Emerald, and Pearl, but on our list, you will find unique and rare gemstone names that perhaps you’ve never even heard of. These names shine like the stones that inspired them, and since your new daughter will bring so much sparkle into your life, why not give her a fitting name inspired by mother nature. So, let your child’s personality shine with these 25 sparkling off beat gemstone names for girls.

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1. Almandine

Almandine is a deep brownish or purplish-red gemstone mineral belonging to the garnet group. Drenched with a European flair, this is a moniker not to be messed with.

2. Anatase

The rare gemstone Anatase comes in many beautiful colors, such as deep indigo and amber yellow. It may be a little difficult to pronounce for some, but it sounds very pretty.

3. Andesine

Andesine is a feldspar found in a range of colors, from red, honey-red to orange, yellow, champagne, and green. This name possesses an undeniable charm all its own due to its unique sound.

4. Allirea

The name Allirea means “quartz” and is of Aboriginal origin. An exotic choice with overall charm and appeal, and adds a perfect touch of whimsy and class.

5. Basra

Basra is a type of pearl gemstone that originated from the Basra region of the Persian Gulf. A rare and unique name that is as exotic and bold as it is sophisticated and lovely.

6. Citrine

Citrine is a gemstone rarely found in nature; its tawny color often causes the gem to be confused with topaz. Citrine is an unusual name that won’t be discovered on any top popular baby list, and that’s OK. 

7. Helidor

Heliodor is a gemstone that belongs to the beryl family. It comes in various yellow colors ranging from pale yellow, greenish-yellow, orange-yellow to deep golden orange. It’s a fun, unique twist on the super popular name Eleanor that carries with it a perfectly posh air.

8. Hira

The name Hira means “diamond” and is of Sanskrit origin. It’s a short, sweet title that is nothing short of adorable and will go wonderfully with nearly any last name. 

9. Jacinth

The name Jacinth is the name of a precious stone derived from Greek origins. It comes from an Ancient Greek word meaning Hyacinth, “reddish-blue or deep purple color.” It’s a unique choice sure to turn heads wherever it is spoken.

10. Juvela

The name Juvela means “jewel” and is of Esperanto origin. If having an uncommon name is something that’s important in choosing the perfect cute name, Juvela may be the right choice.

11. Koralia

The name Koralia means “coral” and is of Greek origin. There really is something extra pretty about this name and Koralia takes the cake for femininity.

12. Malaia

Malaia or Malaya is a type of garnet that is pinkish-orange, reddish-orange, or yellowish-orange in color. Malaia is pretty, without being too popular. It’s interesting because it’s a name that you don’t hear every day.

13. Neela

The name Neela means “sapphire blue” and is of Hindi origin. While Neela is an unusual name for a baby girl, it’s a beautiful name. Its rarity makes it a very interesting choice.

14. Olivine

Olivine is the French word for the gemstone peridot, it is a lovely light green to olive-green gemstone. Looking for something with a little more je ne sais quoi? Look no further than Olivine. This name is a fresh alternative to Oliva.

15. Ophira

The name Ophira means “gold” and is of Hebrew origin. This name has an old-fashioned ring that’s really appealing. If you love retro style, you may find that naming your baby girl Ophira is the right choice.

16. Penina

The name Penina means “precious stone” or “pearl” and is of Hebrew origin. Pearls are lustrous and precious…just like a new baby daughter.

17. Quartz

The gemstone quartz’s origins may wither derived from the Old German word querkluftertz, referring to whitish vein quartz, or from the ancient Greek word krustallos, meaning ice. If you prefer the edgy to the typical, and you’re looking for an offbeat baby name for your beautiful daughter, you may want to call her Quartz.

18. Rumi

The name Rumi means “lapiz lazuli” and is of Japanese origin. Rumi is a short, sweet, and sassy name that is an adorable choice for any little girl.

19. Ruri

The name Ruri means “lapiz lazuli” and is of Japanese origin. Glistening with blue hues, lapiz lazuli is a gorgeous gemstone and would make an equally chic bohemian name for your child.

20. Sania

The name Sania means “pearl” and is of Hindi origin. A pretty name for when a little girl meets the world, Sania is equal parts beautiful and fierce.

21. Sapphira

The name Sapphira means “sapphire” or “lapis lazuli” and is of Greek origin. Sapphires are the birthstone for September and mysterious and intriguing. 

22. Soraya

The name Soraya means “jewel” and is of Persian origin. This name is sure to have your little girl sparkle.

23. Takara

The name Takara means “treasure, jewel” and is of Japanese origin. A name that exudes confidence and charm, Takara is a cool and edgy choice.

24. Umina

The name Umina means “sea or emerald” and is of Japanese origin. Soft and understated, this might be one of our favorites on the list.

25. Zehava

The name Zehava means “gold” and is of Hebrew origin. Zehava is a beautiful name that oozes with international flair and elegance.

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