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50 Surnames For Boys That Aren’t Overused

If you’re hunting for the perfect baby boys name, why not consider a surname? Last names for first names are a trend now—and will still be cool for your kid when they’re grown up. Most of these names are not on the popularity charts os scroll below to see our picks of 50 unique last names for boys that aren’t overused. These names baby boy names and gender-neutral names make perfect for first names and can be shortened into cute nicknames.


1. Abbott

Meaning: Father
Origin: Aramaic and Hebrew
Similar names: Addison, Acheson, Adams


2. Aiken

Meaning: Little Adam
Origin: English surname
Similar names: Ainsley, Allum, Annon


3. Alden

Meaning: Wise friend
Origin: Old English
Similar names: Adler, Asher, Axford


4. Alvarez

Meaning: Son of Alvaro
Origin: Spanish
Similar names: Ayres, Abelson, Adley


5. Alston

Meaning: Elf stone
Origin: English
Similar names: Ashby, Ayrton, Adrian


6. Anson

Meaning: Son of Ann
Origin: English
Similar names: Anderson, Archer, Addington


7. Ayton

Meaning: River stream + farmstead
Origin: English
Similar names: Austen, Adkins, Adwell


8. Baird

Meaning: Poet, one who sings ballads
Origin: Gaelic, Scottish, and Irish
Similar names: Barrington, Beaumont, Baxter


9. Baxley

Meaning: Baker’s meadow
Origin: English
Similar names: Booker, Brewster, Bronson


10. Beck

Meaning: Small stream
Origin: English, German, and Hebrew
Similar names: Barker, Baron, Barrett


11. Belden

Meaning: From Beldon hill
Origin: English
Similar names: Brooks, Barlow, Bauer


12. Benson

Meaning: Son of Benne
Origin: Anglo-Saxon
Similar names: Beckett, Banks, Bosco


13. Calder

Meaning: Rough waters or stream
Origin: Scottish
Similar names: Cooper, Cohen, Cobain


14. Carrick

Meaning: Rocky headland
Origin: Gaelic
Similar names: Cameron, Collier, Crosby


15. Castellan

Meaning: The keeper of the castle
Origin: Americanized form of Croatian Kaštelan
Similar names: Carson, Chancellor, Carlisle


16. Clifton

Meaning: Cliff settlement
Origin: English
Similar names: Carters, Carver, Casen


17. Curran

Meaning: Dagger, hero
Origin: Irish Surname
Similar names: Cassidy, Chandler, Cheney


18. Decker

Meaning: Roofer
Origin: German
Similar names: Dexter, Deacon, Dempsey


19. Denison

Meaning: Son of Dennis
Origin: English
Similar names: Davis, Demir, Dior


20. Donovan

Meaning: Dark
Origin: Irish
Similar names: Dawson, Davies, Deveraux


21. Elway

Meaning: Field
Origin: Scottish
Similar names: Ellis, Everett, Evans


22. Emmens

Meaning: Iron strength
Origin: English
Similar names: Easton, Ford, Estes


23. Gannon

Meaning: Son of the fair-haired one
Origin: Irish
Similar names: Franklin, Greyson, Granger


24. Gibson

Meaning: Son of Gilbert
Origin: English
Similar names: Finnegan, Grady, Gaines


25. Grayden

Meaning: Son of grey-haired one
Origin: English
Similar names: Grayson, Gallagher, Garrison


26. Hardy

Meaning: Bold, courageous
Origin: English, French, and Irish
Similar names: Harper, Hunter, Hagan


27. Hawkins

Meaning: Little hawk
Origin: English
Similar names: Hendrix, Haines, Hale


28. Hawthorne

Meaning: Lives near the hedge
Origin: English
Similar names: Huxley, Halen, Hamilton


29. Holmes

Meaning: From the island in the river
Origin: English
Similar names: Hudson, Hanson, Harris


30. Hutchins

Meaning: Son of Hugh
Origin: Scottish
Similar names: Harrison, Hewitt, Hilton


31. Kahlo

Meaning: Bald
Origin: Spanish
Similar names: Jameson, Kaiser, Kane


32. Keaton

Meaning: Place of hawks
Origin: English
Similar names: Lennox, Keane, Kennedy


33. Levine

Meaning: Descendent of Levi
Origin: English, Hebrew
Similar names: Lincoln, Lennon, Logan


34. Macsen

Meaning: Greatest
Origin: Welsh
Similar names: Mason, Marley, Mackey


35. Mitchell

Meaning: Who is like God
Origin: English
Similar names: Madison, Ledger, Montgomery


36. Ollivander

Origin: Literary name
Similar names: Nolan, Olsen, Ortiz


37. Patton

Meaning: Fighter’s town
Origin: English
Similar names: Parker, Palmer, Parrish


38. Quaide

Meaning: Son of Uaid
Origin: Latin
Similar names: Quinn, Quincy, Quigley


39. Reeves

Meaning: Bailiff
Origin: English
Similar names: Reagan, Remington, Radley


40. Roark

Meaning: Illustrious and mighty
Origin: Irish
Similar names: Ramsey, Reed, Rhodes


41. Salinger

Meaning: Habitational name
Origin: French
Similar names: Sawyer, Saunders, Sanders


42. Shaffer

Meaning: Steward, butler
Origin: German
Similar names: Shaw, Slater, Swain


43. Stanton

Meaning: Stone enclosure or settlement, place name
Origin: English
Similar names: Sutton, Spencer, Stetson


44. Sullivan

Meaning: Dark eyes
Origin: English
Similar names: Smith, Shepherd, Sanford


45. Tennyson

Meaning: Son of Dennis
Origin: English
Similar names: Truett, Talbot, Tanner


46. Vader

Meaning: Father
Origin: Dutch and North German
Similar names: Vernon, Vaughn, Voss


47. Watson

Meaning: Son of Walter
Origin: English and Scottish
Similar names: Wilson, Wellington, Wagner


48. Wolverson

Meaning: Wolf settlement or enclosure
Origin: English
Similar names: Wyatt, Warner, Washington


49. Yarrow

Meaning: Botanical name
Origin: English
Similar names: Wesley, Landon, York


50. Zeller

Meaning: Habitational name
Origin: German and Dutch
Similar names: Zabel, Zacher, Zahler

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