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Yarrow Meaning and Origin

The name Yarrow is a unisex botanical name and is of English origin. Yarrow is the common name for a flowering plant belonging to the Achillea genus. It is known for its clusters of small, aromatic flowers and feathery leaves. The plant has a long history of medicinal and herbal uses and is often associated with healing and protection. The name Yarrow has its roots in ancient folklore and mythology. In Greek mythology, Achilles, the hero of the Trojan War, was said to have used yarrow to heal the wounds of his soldiers. As a result, the plant was named Achillea millefolium after him. The name Yarrow is derived from the Greek word “achilleios.” Yarrow is also used as a surname and a given name. As a surname, it can have various origins, including English, Scottish, and Irish. It may have derived from a place name, such as Yarrow in the Scottish Borders, or it could have originated from the occupation of a yarrow, which refers to someone who worked with yarrow plants. arrow is a relatively uncommon given name, but it has gained some attention in recent years due to its unique sound and nature-inspired appeal. 

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