Decker Meaning and Origin

Decker is a boy’s name of Dutch origin, meaning “roofer.” In Dutch, “Decker” is a variant spelling of the name “Dekker.” It is a common surname in the Netherlands and is derived from the occupation of “dekker,” which means “thatcher” or “roofer” in Dutch. Decker is also a German surname, derived from the German word “decke,” meaning “blanket” or “covering.” It could have been a surname given to someone who made or sold blankets or was involved in the textile industry. Decker is a surname of English origin. It was derived from the Middle English word “dekke,” meaning “roofer” or “thatcher.” It was originally an occupational name given to individuals who worked as roofers or builders. As a given name, “Decker” is less common compared to its use as a surname. It can be used as a first or last name for boys or girls, but it is more commonly used as a masculine given name.

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