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Siri Meaning and Origin

Siri is a girl’s name of Norse origin, meaning “beautiful victory.” In Norse mythology, “Siri” is derived from the Old Norse name “Sigríðr,” which combines the elements “sigr” meaning “victory” and “ríða” meaning “to ride.” It was borne by several notable figures in Norse sagas. In India, “Siri” is a variant spelling of the Sanskrit name “Shri” or “Sri,” which means “beauty,” “splendor,” or “prosperity.” It is often used as an honorific prefix for divine or respected figures in Hinduism, such as deities or gurus. “Siri” is also a term used in Buddhism, specifically in Theravada Buddhism, referring to a sacred thread worn by monks. Additionally, “Siri” is the name of a river in Karnataka, India, and a town in Estonia. The widespread use of the name “Siri” as a personal name increased after the introduction of Apple’s virtual assistant.

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