Tana Name Meaning and Origin

Tana is a feminine name of various origins. It is derived from multiple cultures, including: African, Sanskrit and Greek. In African origin, particularly Swahili, Tana means “fairy queen” or “a beautiful place” referring to the Tana River in Kenya. In Sanskrit, Tana means “body” or “to extend” and is used as a name in Indian culture. In Greek mythology, Tana is associated with the goddess Gaia, representing the Earth. Tana is a relatively uncommon name in English-speaking countries and may be more frequently found in regions with Swahili or Indian cultural influences. Tana evokes a sense of natural beauty and grace. It’s a name imbued with a sense of mystery and enchantment, perfect for a free-spirited and imaginative individual. Famous People Named Tana: Tana Ramsay – The wife of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Tana Mongeau – An American internet personality, musician, and model known for her vlogs.

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