Vasco Meaning and Origin

Vasco is a boy’s name meaning “Basque” and is of Spanish origin. In Portuguese and Spanish, “Vasco” is a given name derived from the medieval name “Vasco” or “Velasco,” which itself originated from the Basque name “Belasco.” It has a strong historical significance in the Iberian Peninsula. In Basque culture, “Vasco” is a common given name and also refers to the people of the Basque Country. The term “Basque” or “Euskaldunak” is used to describe individuals who belong to this ethnic group residing primarily in the Pyrenees region of Spain and France. While less common than some other names, “Vasco” is still used as a given name in various countries, particularly in Portugal, Spain, and regions influenced by Basque culture. It can also be encountered as a surname in different parts of the world.

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