Zarina Meaning and Origin

Zarina is a girl’s name of Persian origin, meaning “golden.” Zarina is derived from the word “zar,” which means “gold.” Thus, Zarina carries the beautiful connotation of “golden” or “radiant like gold.” In Arabic, Zarina can be linked to the word “Zarin,” which signifies “a woman adorned with gold” or “a woman as precious as gold.” Zarina is also used as a Russian name, stemming from “Tsarina,” which means “queen” or “empress.” This version of the name evokes regal qualities and grandeur. Zarina is a name that exudes elegance and grace. It carries an air of sophistication, making it a perfect choice for someone with a magnetic and charismatic personality. Zarina is a name that transcends borders and has been embraced by different cultures. Its popularity varies by region and time, but it remains a timeless choice. In recent years, it has gained recognition in Western countries due to its exotic and alluring sound. Famous People Named Zarina: Zarina Bhimji: A renowned Ugandan-Asian photographer and filmmaker known for her thought-provoking visual artistry. Zarina Diyas: A Kazakhstani professional tennis player who has competed at the highest levels of the sport, including Grand Slam tournaments. Zarina Wahab: A respected Indian actress known for her work in Hindi and Malayalam cinema.

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