Adelyn Meaning and Origin

The name Adelyn is a girl’s name meaning “noble” and is of English origin. Adeline is derived from the Germanic name Adalheidis, which means “noble kind” or “noble sort”. The name Adeline was first introduced to England by the Normans in the 11th century and was popularized in the 19th century by the poet Robert Browning, who named his poem “One Word More” after his wife Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s nickname, “Adeline”. The name Adelyn, on the other hand, is a more recent invention and is a combination of the names Ada and Lynn. Ada is also of Germanic origin and means “nobility”, while Lynn is a Welsh name that means “lake”. Adelyn has become increasingly popular in recent years in the United States, where it is often seen as a modern and unique alternative to more traditional names like Adeline or Addison.

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