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Clare Meaning and Origin

Clare is a girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning bright, clear.” The name Clare is derived from the Latin word “clarus,” which means “bright” or “clear.” It is closely related to the name Clara, both of which share the same root meaning. The name Clare has a long history, with roots dating back to medieval times. It was first used as a name in England in the Middle Ages and became popular due to the veneration of Saint Clare of Assisi, an Italian saint and follower of Saint Francis of Assisi. Saint Clare is the patron saint of television, eye diseases, goldsmiths, and laundry, and she is widely admired for her life of poverty, dedication to God, and charity. The name Clare has consistently been a well-liked choice for baby girls over the years. In the United States, Clare has been moderately popular, although it is more commonly found spelled as “Claire” in recent times. It has also been a popular name in the United Kingdom and Ireland, maintaining its classic charm and timeless appeal. Clare is a name that exudes elegance, simplicity, and a sense of brightness. It carries a timeless charm and has been cherished for its classic appeal through generations. Famous People Named Clare: Clare Danes – An American actress known for her roles in films like “Romeo + Juliet,” “The Hours,” and the TV series “Homeland,” for which she won multiple awards. Clare Bowen – An Australian actress and singer famous for her portrayal of Scarlett O’Connor in the TV series “Nashville.”

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