Seva Meaning and Origin

The name Seva is a girl’s name of Hindi, Latin origin meaning “worship, from Sebastia.” The name “Seva” has its roots in various cultures and languages. It is often associated with different meanings, reflecting its diverse origins. In Sanskrit, “Seva” means selfless service or devotion, emphasizing the act of giving and helping others without any expectation of reward. The name also appears in other languages like Russian, where it means “generosity” or “charity.” Seva is a name that resonates with virtue and kindness. The popularity of the name Seva varies depending on cultural and regional influences. It might be more commonly found in regions with a significant influence of Sanskrit-based languages or spiritual traditions. While it may not be as widespread as some other names, its meaningfulness and uniqueness contribute to its charm. Famous People: Seva Novgorodsev: Seva Novgorodsev (1931–2019) was a well-known Russian-British radio presenter. Seva Goncharenko: Seva Goncharenko is a contemporary Russian artist known for his creative and innovative approach to visual arts. Seva Mukhiya: An Indian social activist and founder of an organization that focuses on rural development, education, and healthcare.

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