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Zoya Meaning and Origin

Zoya is a girl’s name of Russian origin, meaning life.” In Russian and Slavic languages, “Zoya” is a female given name that means “life” or “alive.” It is derived from the Greek name “Zoe”, which also means “life.” Zoya is a popular name in Russia and other Slavic countries. In Arabic, “Zoya” is a variant of the name “Zahra” or “Zahrah”, which means “flower” or “blooming.” It can also be derived from the Arabic word “Zawiyah”, which means “corner” or “angle.” : In India, “Zoya” is a feminine name that has Persian and Arabic origins. It is commonly used among Muslims in India and has meanings such as “alive,” “beautiful,” or “graceful.” The name gained popularity in India due to its usage in Bollywood movies. In Hebrew, “Zoya” is a variant of the name “Zoe” and can also mean “life” or “living.”

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