Esma Meaning and Origin

Esma is a girl’s name of Turkish origin, meaning “supreme.”  Esma is a female given name with various origins and meanings across different cultures. In Arabic, it means “supreme” or “excellence.” In Turkish, it means “esteem” or “honor.” The name is also found in several other cultures with variations in pronunciation and meanings. It is also considered a short form of Spanish Esmeralda. The popularity of the name Esma varies depending on the country and cultural context. In Arabic-speaking countries and regions with a significant Turkish influence, the name Esma has been relatively popular. However, its popularity might be less pronounced in Western countries. Esma is a charming and meaningful name with a rich cultural heritage. It exudes a sense of honor, excellence, and esteem. Parents who choose this name for their daughters often appreciate its uniqueness and the profound meaning it carries. Esma is a name that reflects beauty, strength, and dignity, making it a lovely choice for any baby girl.

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