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Grey Meaning and Origin

The name Grey is a unisex color name and is of English origin. One origin of the name Grey is from the Old English word “græg,” meaning “grey” or “grizzled.” It may have originally been a nickname given to someone with grey hair or a grey complexion. Over time, it became a surname and then later a given name. Another possible origin of the name Grey is from the Gaelic word “riabhach,” meaning “brindled” or “grey-brown.” This origin would suggest a Scottish or Irish heritage. Grey can also be a variant spelling of the name Gray, which is derived from the Old English word “græg” and has the same meaning. The name Grey is sometimes used as a given name for both males and females. Famous people with the name Grey include the British actor Charles Grey, who played the role of Blofeld in the James Bond film “Diamonds Are Forever,” and the American writer Zane Grey, who wrote many popular Western novels in the early 20th century.

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