Idella Meaning and Origin

Idella is a girl’s name of German origin, meaning “industrious one, noble battle.” The name Idella is often considered a variant of the name Adele or Adela. It is derived from the Old Germanic elements “adal,” meaning “noble,” and “hild,” meaning “battle.” Therefore, Idella carries the meaning of “noble” or “noble battle.” The name Idella has its roots in Germanic languages and has been used as a feminine given name for centuries. It gained popularity in English-speaking countries as a variant of names like Adele and Adela, which were popular during the Middle Ages. The popularity of Idella has varied over time. It was more commonly used in the late 19th and early 20th centuries but has become less common in recent decades. It might be considered somewhat old-fashioned by modern standards. Idella is a name that carries a sense of elegance and historical charm. It exudes a timeless quality that can lend a touch of sophistication to anyone who bears the name. The combination of its noble meaning and classic sound makes it a name that can stand out without being overly unconventional. 

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