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Irena Meaning and Origin

Irena is a girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning “peace.” The name Irena is derived from the word “eirene,” which means “peace.” It has a serene and tranquil connotation, symbolizing harmony and calmness. The name’s etymology ties back to the ancient Greek goddess of peace, Eirene, who was often depicted with the cornucopia and the olive branch, representing abundance and peace. Irena is a name that carries a timeless elegance and a sense of grace. Its simple yet profound meaning, “peace,” imparts a sense of tranquility and harmony to its bearers. The name exudes a sense of strength through its association with both inner and outer peace. Irena is a name that transcends trends, making it a choice that resonates with those who appreciate classic, meaningful names. Famous People Named Irena: Irena Sendler: A Polish social worker and humanitarian, Irena Sendler is known for her courageous efforts during World War II to save Jewish children from the Holocaust. Irena Anders: A Polish actress and singer, Irena Anders also served as the First Lady of Poland during her husband’s presidency. 

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