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Maitland Meaning and Origin

The name Maitland is a girl’s name meaning bad temper, strong land and is of English origin. The name Maitland is derived from the words “mæð” (strength, might) and “land” (land), which collectively can be interpreted as “mighty land” or “strong land.” It is a unisex name, though historically it has been more commonly used as a masculine name. Maitland is often associated with qualities of power, resilience, and vigor due to its etymological components. Maitland is a name that carries an aura of strength and solidity. With its Old English roots, the name evokes a sense of historical charm while still maintaining a contemporary appeal. The popularity of the name Maitland has varied over time and is not as common as some more mainstream names. It is more often encountered as a surname rather than a first name. Famous People: Frederic William Maitland (1850–1906): A renowned English legal historian and jurist, Frederic Maitland made significant contributions to the study of English law.

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