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Xeno Meaning and Origin

Xeno is a boy’s name of Greek origin, meaning: “foreign.” The name “Xeno” is intriguing and captivating, with its roots tracing back to both ancient and modern origins. It derives from the Greek word “xenos,” which means “foreigner” or “stranger.” This origin lends the name an air of mystique, as it carries the essence of something unique and unfamiliar, yet undeniably alluring. The name’s distinctive sound and exotic connotations make it a standout choice, invoking a sense of adventure and curiosity. Xeno possesses an inherent charisma that can’t be denied, making it a perfect choice for individuals who stand out from the crowd, embracing their uniqueness with confidence. Xeno is a name that remains relatively uncommon, which contributes to its air of exclusivity. While it may not be widely recognized, its scarcity is one of its strengths, allowing those who bear the name to possess a certain individuality that sets them apart.

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