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Amsterdam Meaning and Origin

The name Amsterdam is a unisex name meaning “Dam of river Amstel” and is of Dutch origin. The name Amsterdam is primarily known as the toponym for the capital city of the Netherlands. The city’s name, “Amsterdam,” is believed to have originated from a combination of two elements: “Amstel” and “dam.” “Amstel” refers to the river that flows through the city, while “dam” refers to the dam built on the river during the early development of the settlement. The name Amsterdam traces its roots back to the 12th century when it was first recorded as “Amestelledamme.” The settlement around the dam on the Amstel river gradually grew into the bustling city it is today. As a given name for individuals, Amsterdam is relatively rare and unconventional. It is more commonly known and used as the name of the city. People may choose to use Amsterdam as a given name as a nod to the city’s unique charm, cultural significance, or as a symbol of their personal connection to the place.

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