Astin Meaning and Origin

Astin is a unisex name of French origin meaning “starlike.” Alternatively, in Old English, Astin is a variant of the name “Austin” or “Augustine.” It is derived from the Latin name “Augustinus,” which means “great” or “majestic.” As such, Astin can be associated with qualities like grandeur, magnificence, and dignity. Another possible origin of Astin is from Old Norse, where it is derived from the name “Ástín.” In this context, Ástín means “beloved” or “loved one.” It carries connotations of affection, warmth, and deep emotional connections. Astin can also be traced back to Germanic roots, where it is derived from the name “Astinus.” The Germanic meaning of Astinus is associated with “noble” or “of noble birth.” Astin is a relatively rare name and has not gained widespread popularity compared to more common names. The name Astin carries a sense of distinction, emphasizing qualities of greatness, love, and nobility. 

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