Cybele Meaning and Origin

Cybele is a girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning “mother of all gods.” Cybele is a female given name with origins in ancient Anatolian and Phrygian mythology. The name is associated with the ancient Mother Goddess, Cybele (also known as Kybele), who was revered as the personification of the Earth and fertility. In ancient mythology, she was often depicted as a nurturing and protective figure, symbolizing the abundance and power of nature. The name Cybele originates from the Anatolian region, which is now part of modern-day Turkey. The worship of the goddess Cybele was prevalent in ancient Phrygia, and her cult spread throughout the Roman Empire, becoming one of the most significant and influential mystery religions of the time. The popularity of the name Cybele has varied throughout history and across different cultures. In ancient times, the name held immense religious and cultural significance, but as societies shifted away from polytheistic belief systems, its popularity waned. In modern times, it has become a unique and uncommon name choice for baby girls. Cybele is a name steeped in ancient mythology, carrying the weight of a powerful and revered Mother Goddess. Its origins in Anatolian and Phrygian cultures add depth and cultural significance to the name. Cybele evokes images of nature’s bounty, fertility, and protection, making it a name with strong connections to the Earth and its life-giving forces. As a name for a modern child, Cybele represents a link to the past while embracing individuality and a sense of mystique.

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