Elya Meaning and Origin

Elya is a girl’s name of Slavic origin, meaning “bright, shining light, Yahweh is my God”.  It is a variant of the name “Elijah,” which comes from the Hebrew name “Eliyahu,” meaning “My God is Yahweh” or “Yahweh is my God.” In Hebrew tradition, Elijah was a significant prophet, and the name has strong religious connotations. The popularity of the name “Elya” has been relatively moderate. It is not among the most common names, but it has been used in various regions and cultures around the world. “Elya” is a name with a deep-rooted history and religious significance. The name carries a sense of strength and devotion to God, given its association with the prophet Elijah. 

Names similar to Elya:

  • Elara
  • Elina
  • Alina
  • Elara
  • Elise
  • Elena
  • Elora
  • Amara
  • Aria
  • Lila


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