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Emmanuela Meaning and Origin

Emmanuela is a girl’s name meaning “God with us” and is of Hebrew origin. It is a variant of the name Emmanuel, which is composed of two Hebrew words: “Immanuel” – “Imanu” meaning “with us” and “El” meaning “God”. Therefore, the name Emmanuela can be interpreted to mean “God is with us” or “God is among us.” As mentioned, the name Emmanuela has its roots in Hebrew. It has religious significance, as “Immanuel” is mentioned in the Bible, particularly in the book of Isaiah, where it is a prophecy about the coming of the Messiah. The popularity of the name Emmanuela may vary across different regions and time periods. It is less common than the male version, Emmanuel. Emmanuela is a name that carries a strong sense of faith and spirituality. When it rolls off the tongue, Emmanuela sounds as soft as cashmere. It is a delightfully feminine choice that is equal parts exotic and unique. 

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