Gower Meaning and Origin

The name Gower is a boy’s name meaning “pure” and is of Welsh origin. It is a surname that originated from a place called “Gower” or “Gŵyr” in Wales. The name is derived from the Welsh word “gŵyr,” which means “marsh” or “wetland.” Gower is a historic region located on the southwest coast of Wales, known for its beautiful landscapes, rugged cliffs, and sandy beaches. As a given name, “Gower” is relatively rare. It is more commonly used as a surname. Given its historical association with a specific region in Wales, it may have been used as a given name in the past among Welsh families, but its usage as a first name has been limited. The name “Gower” exudes a sense of history and heritage, being linked to the picturesque landscapes of the Gower Peninsula in Wales. As a first name, it has a unique and distinctive sound that sets it apart from more common names. Those named Gower may carry a sense of pride in their Welsh heritage or have a connection to nature and the outdoors due to its association with the marshy and coastal landscapes of Gower. Famous People with the Name Gower: John Gower (c. 1330–1408) – A medieval English poet, known for works like “Confessio Amantis.”

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