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Moana Meaning and Origin

Moana is a girl’s name of Hawaiian, Polynesian and Maori origin, meaning “ocean.” The name Moana is primarily derived from the Maori language of the indigenous people of New Zealand. In Maori, “moana” means “ocean” or “sea,” symbolizing the deep connection between the people and the vast expanse of water that surrounds their islands. The name reflects a sense of adventure, exploration, and the spirit of the sea, making it a beautifully evocative and meaningful choice. Moana is a name that encapsulates the mystique and wonder of the ocean. It conjures images of turquoise waters stretching to the horizon, shimmering under the golden sun, and whispering tales of distant lands and untold adventures. The name carries a sense of bravery and curiosity, akin to the courageous voyagers of ancient times who navigated the seas with skill and determination. The popularity of the name Moana has been on the rise, thanks in part to the Disney animated film released in 2016, also titled “Moana.” The movie introduced the world to a spirited and adventurous Polynesian heroine named Moana Waialiki, further popularizing the name. 

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