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50 Southern Baby Names That Are Charming and Timeless

Step into the charming world of Southern tradition and grace with our curated collection of 50 southern baby names that are charming and timeless. Southern names exude a unique blend of warmth, hospitality, and a rich heritage deeply rooted in history. From the genteel to the spirited, each name on our list carries an effortless charm and enduring appeal that transcends generations. Whether inspired by historical figures, natural landscapes, or beloved family names passed down through time, these Southern gems evoke a sense of nostalgia and a touch of Southern hospitality. Join us on a delightful journey through these handpicked names that celebrate the essence of the South, promising to bestow a touch of Southern grace and charm upon your precious bundle of joy.

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Southern Baby Names for Girls 

1. Abilene

2. Ada

3. Azalea

4. Caroline

5. Chantilly

6. Constance

7. Cordelia

8. Daisy

9. Della

10. Dixie

11. Frances

12. Georgia

13. Hazel

14. Iris

15. Jolene

16. Lacey

17. Loretta

18. Macy

19. Magnolia

20. Nellie

21. Odette

22. Priscilla

23. Savannah

24. Scarlett

25. Virginia

Southern Baby Names for Boys

26. Arlington

27. Beau

28. Brooks

29. Carson

30. Davis

31. Dawson

32. Eli

33. Emmett

34. Holland

35. Jackson

36. Knox

37. Landry

38. Mercer

39. Nolan

40. Parker

41. Presley

42. Quaid

43. Reed

44. Ryland

45. Sawyer

46. Silas

47. Sterling

48. Temple

49. Travis

50. Wells

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